In the last 6 years, I have done a lot of collaborative photoshoots with various models. There are plenty of gorgeous models to collaborate with but not a lot of them know how to pose in front of the camera. The ones who know, mostly have their routine poses which doesn’t always work for the style I want to capture. If I find one who fits, they are overconfident and not always professional about the creative work I am trying to do here.
Jennifer is one model I have come across that has all the right talent as a model - gorgeous, talented, and knows how to express a concept into a pose. She tries to understand the  concept before the shoot and comes well prepared. The last shoot we did required perfect skin and she made sure she wore loose clothing before the shoot so there’re no imprints from any tight clothing. These are little things that go a along way in post processing.
Jennifer is very committed and professional as a model. She likes to have a written contract with the photographer, which I feel is a must if the photographer is serious about his or her work. It not only protects the model but also the photographer. She is never late to her shoot, which I appreciate as I never like to be late myself.
Because of her dancing background, Jennifer is super flexible, which I admire in a model. If I want to try a very complex pose and I want the model to have the right facial expression, Jennifer is the one who can make it happen. I always like to slip in a couple of ballet poses when she is  in front of the camera.
I have done over 50 photoshoots in the last 6 years, so I know what to expect. When Jennifer is in front of the camera I am super confident that I will be getting some classic shots for my collection!
-Raj Depth of Field 
I’ve worked with Jennifer on a number of projects and she always brings the energy and dedication to make amazing art at my studio. She’s a true professional and I always look forward to working with her. We will definitely shoot again in the future, and you should definitely book her. 
-Jerry Alt ALT Imagery
Jennifer Raelynn is an exceptionally skilled dancer, and model. She is by profession a ballerina, and will spend the time to make sure that the images that are created show the best of ballet form. As photographers we know how to light and compose images. But speaking only for myself and probably most photographers, we know nothing about dance. Any dancer looking at a professionally created image will immediately see bad form, and this will reflect badly on the dancer and photographer. Jennifer embodies a dedicated passion for her craft, and can help the photographer cull images that exemplify the best of her skills. When I have worked with her in the past she is very quick to communicate with me, and to work collaboratively on creative projects.  Jennifer is committed to putting 100% into her work, and her rates are very reasonable. She is a worthwhile creative partner, and a pleasure to work with. Not only is she talented, but she shows up on time and works hard. I highly recommend her to anyone hoping to create great photographic art.
-Jacob Jacobson Photography
I have worked with Jennifer on a number of shoots. On each of them, she brought her limitless energy, professionalism, and dedication of getting quality shots.  She has without a doubt, helped me to create some of the best images in my portfolio. 
As a professional dancer, and an aerial performer, Jennifer easily sets herself apart from other models in the industry.  In addition, she also has experience shooting a variety of genres: nature, ballet, fashion, boudoir, bodyscapes, to name a few. With her unique skills, experience, passion, and reasonable rates, Jennifer is one of the top models to work with in the Midwest.
- R. E Walker Photography 
Working with a ballerina is always a pleasure, as they are so graceful and able to add elegance to images I would otherwise be unable to create.  Jennifer has been fantastic as she brings refreshing ideas and creativity to every project. Moreover, her ability to perform aerial skills makes her a uniquely beautiful gem to photograph.
-Scott Detweiler ​​​​​​​